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Launched privately in December 2020, Blog This WOW is the brainchild of Tissa Godavitarne, a prolific affiliate marketer geek who has avoided a real job for over 21 years.

Over those years, Tissa has seen firsthand how good people with good intentions struggle to supplement their ‘real life’ income with various online opportunities.

Those struggles have only increased with the economic disruption caused by recent events. The need for Plan Bs, side hustles and part-time gigs is greater than ever.

While barriers to entry are lower, (legitimate) online businesses still require a mastery of essentials like website building, lead generation and content marketing.

With Easy As Email™ from Blog This WOW, the technical complexities of creating online have been dramatically simplified, to give everyone a fair shot at greater freedom.

With Easy As Email™, Tissa has distilled 21 years of experience as an affiliate marketer into a platform that empowers anyone to monetize their passion – whatever that may be!

BONUS: Hear from Tissa Godavitarne below in his own words how that 21-year journey started, and how he has managed to persevere in an ever-changing, crazy-ass industry! 🙂



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